New work and new worklist.

Hey all!

I’ve been wanting to send out an update, but have either been busy with travel or just feeling completely uninspired.  But now I’m back, and if you haven’t been by in a while, you may notice some changes!  First and foremost, I’ve got a new piece ready, Gaze.  I love how the swirling ‘petals’ thin out and change direction as they’re pulled into the glowing center!  It’s available from Imagekind and Redbubble right now, but there’ll be some new Zazzle gifts soon!










Next, let’s go over my goal list from last year:

  1. Enter BMFAC. Didn’t win, but was fun seeing all the other entries.
  2. Write descriptions for the images in my gallery page.
  3. Finalize the gallery layout.
  4. Shift from the jAlbum gallery to WordPress, make WordPress the base website.
  5. Make a new header image, include a phone number at least (Phone number is in the Contact form now.)
  6. Make a new background image.
  7. Enter LACDA contest.
  8. Add a contact form. It’s now at the bottom left, check it out!
So I managed to get all but 2 goals completed!  I do still need to write more about each image, but I’ve grown accustomed to my background image, so it’s going to stay until I get bored with it :)
So far, I’ve been trying to come up with a new list for a new year, and maybe a more short-term list to help me achieve my longer-term goals.  Aside from a personal goal or two *cough*workout*cough* here’s what I’ve come up with so far.
  1. Finish writing descriptions for each image in my current gallery.  I want to provide at least a little insight into each picture.
  2. Write up a new artist statement.  I’ve always found it hard to write about myself as an artist, especially in a way that doesn’t sound, well, pretentious.
  3. Get back in touch with R_ about that possible PPLD “Off the Wall” segment.  I’ve let it go for too long, partially for the same reasons I don’t have a “real” artist’s statement.
  4. Attend the monthly First Friday events downtown.  I’ve been dying to go check out all the new art each month, but have never had the time or energy.
  5. Put together a proposal for this year’s What If festival.  There was a lot of great stuff going on there the past two years, I’d like to be a bigger part.
  6. Put together a booth for this year’s Colorado Springs Cool Science Carnival.  I wanted to attend and teach all the kids (and their parents) just how awesome fractals are, but had nothing ready for it.
That’s all of my goals so far.  I’m sure I’ll be adding more as I think of them, and hopefully checking off each one as the year progresses!  Have you set your goals for the year?
Have a great day and a happy and prosperous new year!

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